I'm giving up on english!
Hola amigos!
So english is giving me a little bit of a problem right now. It's actually kind of making my life a little bit more difficult than it should be, especially my blog life. There are litterally so many things I would like to share with you but its hard to do it in TWO languages, especially when time isn't on my side right now (is it ever though?).
So, I've made a decision. Well at least temporarily... That I will only be writing in Swedish on this blog for now.. I know Im sad too my beloved english crew, I wish I could do it in Swedish and English simultaneously, but I haven't found an app for that yet (Hint hint - business idea!). This basically means I write a blog post in the language that i comes to me in, to be honest, it varies a lot. Some days its Swedish other days its English. But then i have to go and translate it all! And NO google translate can't express the feelings i want to show in my writing most of the times so it doesn't actually help for these kinds of texts that much... 
Therefore I'm saying bye to english on this blog for now my loves, so that I can focus on just writing, which I absolutley LOVE and sharing my life with you! BUT I will be ALL english on my Instagram with Microblogs there and lots of stories and videos for you to dive into so make sure you follow me there. @JeaniusRose
Next, Swedish blog coming up!.
Lots of love!😘